Page 6 - S&W Made To Order Products

Perfect for file conversions or day-forward folder creation,
S&W will generate folders ready-to-go with indexing
applied. Specify the design of your labels, and supply
your file heading data to us, and we will produce vibrant,
color-coded labels and apply them to folders. We can use
your data in these formats:
Microsoft Access TM database (*.mdb)
Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet (*.xls)
dBase compatible database (*.dbf)
ASCII text file (*.txt) delimited
ASCII text file (*.txt) fixed width
Year and month color
codes to manage retention
Solid color bands for
special codes
Text in any size, color or
Graphic images
Bar codes
Color-coded indexing:
alphabetic, numeric, or
alpha-numeric in any
popular color-coding style
S&W can number products in a variety
of styles and formats. Numbering can
be consecutive (1,2,3...etc.), regular skip
numbered, (10,20,30...etc) or irregular
skip numbered to your specifications.
Choose a type style and orientation
from the diagrams below. Numbers are
shown actual size.
Smartstrip® Labeling
Create an efficient end tab color-coded filing
system using your PC and ink-jet
color printer. Gain efficiency without
the expensive and time-consuming
task of applying individual colored
labels to folders. Choose from 19
different alpha and numeric label
designs. End tab strip labels
are 7 1/2” x 1 1/2”flat.